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Pooch Page Archive ~ 2015

Yes, Rich Man Poor Man is a pet-friendly store.  We love 'em!  And you are welcome to bring your leashed best friend on your shopping experience in our store. 

Here is a gallary of some of the pets who visited Rich Man Poor Man Antiques in 2015! Enjoy!



Being an SPCA Rescue, this little guy was on his first outing! Coming in from Tulare in the Valley, Cody was celebrating his 4-month Birthday on the day he visited with his humans. Congratulations, Cody! You did well. Happy Birthday!

Visited August 2015


Visiting all the way from San Tan Valley, Arizona, came this cute 8 year old Pure Long-haired, Wire-haired Dachshund. We asked his humans if he had any special attributes. They replied that "he licks a lot"! Sprocket was very happy to confirm this to all those who came in range. You're fun, Sprocket. Come see us again!

Visited July 2015


Here's a story that will grab your heart! Four years ago, this rough-n-ready looking Toy Schnauzer was born the runt of the litter. Because he was "imperfect" as a result of the breeding, the owners were ready to euthanize the puppy. Fortunately, his current owners came along and scooped Raider up out of harms way. Today, all live happily in the Lemore area! Again, we say THANK YOU to all those of you who open your hearts to rescue these companions-in-danger and give them a home! Come back soon, Raider!

Visited June 2015

Mudslide & Blizzard

In all our years of welcoming pet shoppers into our store, we've never experienced little guys with such unique names! It was wonderful to meet them and to see how they genuinely liked each other. "Mudslide" (on the left) is a lovable Shiatsu. His buddy, "Blizzard", is a Tibetan Terrier. They were in from Irvine where they left the third member of their exclusive club. Because he doesn't like to travel, we were told... "Tornado" is at home. Hmmmmm..... do we detect a theme in these three names? Have fun and come back soon, guys!

Visited May 2015


Bakersfield is the home base for this little Yorkie who didn't look or act his 10 year old status. This may be because George is so happy that he was rescued by such a loving family! He was rescued... literally... from being "thrown outside" to survive on his own as a youngster. We salute all the rescue families who open their hearts and take in these loving souls of the canine world. Stop by again and say Hi, George!

Visited March 2015


As you can see, Lucy is very shy due to some unpleasant things that happen in her early life. Fortunately, she was rescued and is gradually adjusting to her secure and loving family. But, as Lucy told us, "it's still good to be close". In from Coarsegold, she's soon turning 3. Come see us next time you're in Cambria! 

Visited February 2015


Coming over from the winter fog of the Valley and Fresno, CA area, this Chihuahua-Terrier mix was eager for a Treat! We keep a little dish of doggy treats at the front door. She was also happy to see some of the sunny spring-like days the Central Coast is known for this time of year. Bring your humans over anytime, Mimzy!  

Visited February 2015