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Main Mall Location:
2110 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350
Second Annex Store Location:
2084 Main St., Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-927-7724

OPEN 10-5 EVERYDAY, except Christmas

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Yes! We're Open Everyday!

10:00 till 5:00

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Large Mall: 2110 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428 ~ 805-203-5350 ~ Open everyday 10 till 5.

Second Store: 2084 Main Street, Cambria (enter off the sidewalk) ~ 805-927-7724 ~ Yes, 10 till 5.

Park once in the Redwood Center parking area and access both stores!

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 Fascinating Finds!

Beautiful French Desk! ~ 

From about 1900, this ornate French Desk features amazing Ormulu design with its brass figures and accent decoration. Someone said it would be great as a check-in desk for a B&B. Of course, it would also be great as a focal point in your living room, too. Imagine what you could design for your home!

It's here for you to consider and is located just inside our front door. Come take a look, soon.

The Circus is in Town!  ~

Here's a treasure you don't see everyday!

The Humpty Dumpty Circus by Schoenhut. This is a rare toy, but complete as you see it. If early toys fascinate you, this is something you need to see!

At Rich Man Poor Man, our dealers try to offer you the unusual... the unique... the kind of items you don't see in other antique malls!

Come by and see this, soon! 

Aloha Shirts! Everyone Wants One.. or Two! ~

The recent re-discovery of Aloha Shirts ... also known as Hawaiian Shirts ... has sparked many visitors to come by Rich Man Poor Man and see what all the buzz is about! 

The Aloha shirt has a long history that goes back to WWII when the Hawaiians would make these colorful shirts to sell to the servicemen stationed and passing through the Islands. Arthur Godfrey, radio & TV personality, sparked interest in them in the 50's-60's by his infectious love for the Islands! 

Here at Rich Man Poor Man, we have a couple of dealers who can provide a wide selection ... including vintage Tommy Bahama shirts. Come by and take a look. And, you don't have to know how to play the Ukulele.

New Room Full of South-Western! ~

If you are fascinated by the art and items produced by the people of the Southwestern U.S., our new dealer, Kathleen, now has one of the large backrooms filled with amazing vintage pieces! Pottery, blankets, artwork, small furniture, things from the desert, and handmade jewelry pieces with plenty of turquoise and decorated bone! Some of us remember the family vacations back-in-the-day as we looked out the car windows through Arizona and New Mexico at roadside stands with souvenirs like these for sale. It was an amazing time. And now, Kathleen has brought back to us the treasures of those days!

Come see what you can find!

A Mid-Century Treasure-Trove! ~

Our dealer Jeanne has made a complete change in her space at our Main Street Showroom! How do you think it turned out? Bring back some memories of how some of our work-spaces used to be? Notice the, in the day, "new" take on the Waterfall design at the edge of the low table in the foreground! And did you see it? The telephone! It's that yellow cradle contraption with the push-buttons over there! And yes, my Millennial Friends, it had a cord and was plugged into the wall. Oh, I know... how "Noah's Arc!"

Somehow we survived and, fortunately, the pieces you see also survived and are here in Jeanne's space for you to review and maybe add for a touch of decorating color in your office space! Come by and take a look!

Star Wars Original Newspaper Art Work! ~

OK, Star Wars fans! Here's a chance to own your very own piece of iconic folklore! The Star Wars comic strip was run in the Los Angeles Times during 1980-81. This is the actual piece of artwork created by Alfredo Alcala and sent to the L.A. Times printing department, with instructions for where color would be placed for this Sunday Edition. When you look closely, you can see a few white-out spots where corrections were made. This is it! This is the real deal! And, this is something you need for your collection!

Now... we don't just have one. We have several! Plus, there are some smaller single strips that were run in the Black & White dailies. They are dated, signed, and ready to go! Which part of the Star Wars story do you want?!