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Pooch Page Archive ~ 2014

Yes, Rich Man Poor Man is a pet-friendly store.  We love 'em!  And you are welcome to bring your leashed best friend on your shopping experience in our store. 

Here is a gallery of some of the pets who visited Rich Man Poor Man Antiques in 2014. Enjoy!



Bo is a puppy-pound rescue, which might explain why his humans can't really identify his breed. Hence, he's one of those wonderful "Mystery Terrier Mixes". In from Fresno, he enjoys, like many from the Valley, seasonal vacations on the Central Coast! 

Visited December 2014


This cute 4 year old Malti-poo stopped in from Kingsburg to see us. Her human said she was the smartest dog he has ever had! By smart, it was explained, Pearl responds to 20 words or commands. And just to prove it, Pearl was happy to run around and demonstrate her ability. Of course, she was also happy to just run around! We hope to see you on your next trip, Pearl!

Visited December 2014


Up from Redondo Beach to visit Moonstone Beach, this 4 year old Spaniel Mix was literally a rescue from the Pound! She was sooooo happy to be out she couldn't stop moving. In fact, this photo was the least blurry one we got! Fiona was obviously loving life with her new humans! Hope you stop by our store, again!

Visited November 2014

Callie Marie & Tinker Bell

Yorkies seem to be a popular breed of our Rich Man Poor Man shoppers! And you can see why! Just how cute can these two little guys be?! They were up from Orange County visiting the Central Coast and stopped in to see what we had. Hope to see you next time!

Visited November 2014

Ruby & Dexter

These two pooch pals visited us from Fresno. Ruby is an Australian Shepard, 3 years old, and is a rescue dog. Dexter is a Long Haired Dachshund, 7 years old, and is just spoiled, according to their humans. Dexter had no comment. Both are certified therapy dogs and work in various Senior Centers. Keep up the good work and come see us again!

Visited September 2014


This friendly Black Lab is 5 years old and came to her humans when she was a wee baby. Diamond was visiting us from her home in the mountains and said she loves playing both in the snow at home and at the beach when she's on vacation. Thanks for coming in, Diamond!

Visited September 2014


Then, into our store came this cute little 2 and a half year old Puggle! Missy likes to say she was rescued from a pet shop by her humans. She's local and they all like to take morning walks out on Moonstone Beach. So, if you're out there some morning and see her, make sure you say "hi" to Missy!

Visited September 2014


Zoe came shopping from her home in Tujunga in the LA area. When asked, she said she was a Griffichon. Not being familiar with that breed, we asked further and were told that it was a mix of two other breeds that we were also not familiar with, so we just decided to admire her "cuteness". Zoe is a rescue and has been specially trained as a Service Dog to work with special needs children. She apparently has a remarkable ability to naturally sense the anxiety level of people and by cuddling or laying on a lap, she can help calm and relax. Amazing! You are welcome anytime, Zoe. Oh... and bring your humans back, too!

Visited August 2014

Dottie, Rocket & Coco

The amazing thing about this trio of visitors to Rich Man Poor Man is that they are all deaf! Dottie is a Boxer and Rocket & Coco are French Terriers. Their humans, Alisha and Holland, demonstrated to us that they respond to sign language! One of our dealers, Jeanne, said they were the most well behaved dogs she had ever seen and were adorable! So guys, on your next visit up the Central Coast make sure you drop in!

Visited July 2014


We didn't know that a Miniature Australian Sheppard could have such a colorful coat or be so cute! But here he was to prove it! Nine month old Piper was in from Fresno and described by his human as being a runaway rescue and a "wiggle-butt". Next time you're visiting Cambria, Piper, make sure you stop by and say Hi!

Visited June 2014


And in came Dexter ~ a fun, fluffy Chow and Golden Retriever mix who is about 5 years old! He's a rescue dog up from L.A. who loves to come and chase the many birds around Cambria. He gave our new Rich Man Poor Man Main Street Showroom a "high five". Really! He did!! He put his paw right up and high-fived with his human! We've never seen that before. Next time you're in town, Dexter, come back and see us!

Visited March 2014


Here's a very lovable Snicker-Doodle who came to visit us from Mission View. Dodger is a rescue dog and about 8 years old. He was leading his humans around the store pointing out all the collectibles he liked. See you next time, Dodger!

Visited March 2014


Up from San Clemente comes 7 year old Benson with an amazing and scary story. He was literally rescued from "Death Row" at the county shelter down in the L.A. area! A kind lady rescued him and then found him the home with his current humans. We salute those who rescue and thank you for making it possible for all of us to enjoy these wonderful little guys! Come see us often, Benson!

Visited February 2014


Molly the Scotti comes in from here and there... "here" being Cambria and "there" being Las Vegas. She also told us her interests are varied: She roams Avocado groves and she loves the beach! Add Rich Man Poor Man to your list, Molly, and come see us again!

Visited February 2014


Now here's a nice looking 3 year old Collie! We haven't seen very many Collies in our store. Shiloh was rescued from a pet store just down the Coast in Pismo Beach... the last one of the litter in the window. Since that time, it's been a good life with his favorite humans at home in Atascadero. Come over the hill and see us anytime, Shiloh!

Visited January 2014


Here's a 7 year old English Cream Golden Retriever who is bi-coastal. Well, almost. You see, Brodey spends half his time in Cambria, where we have great beaches like Moonstone Beach. The other half of his time, he lives down in beautiful Huntington Beach. We hope to see you often, Brodey!

Visited January 2014

Nellie Belle

This beautiful Golden Retriever was rescued in Concord, CA from a past life as a breeding dog confined to a small cage. Needless to say Nellie Belle is so happy to be free of that cage and to live a normal and enjoyable life with her adopted human family. Mom, Dad, and Nellie Bell were on their vacation enjoying the Central Coast. Thanks for stopping by Rich Man Poor Man!

Visited January 2014


Acting the roll of a "Chamber of Commerce Poster Dog" for his breed, we met this very nice American Pit Bull/Terrier mix. Harley who is two and a rescue dog, lives with his human family in San Jose. He is also a "shopper in training", because this was his first Road Trip and he was learning all about traveling, and having fun! Come see us again!

Visited January 2014


This little Chihuahua has seen a lot in his 14 years! Another thing he wanted to see was Cambria and Rich Man Poor Man! So he brought his favorite human along for company. Over from Bakersfield, in the Central Valley of California, they were enjoying the Coast. Come back anytime, Rocky!

Visited January 2014

Oliver & Lolly

Up from one of our favorite playground and "extreme coaster" areas, Magic Mountain just north of Los Angeles, came two of the cutest little Yorkies! Lolly (on the right)... she's 6 and was adopted first. Then, Oliver... he's 5, was added. These two brought their favorite humans into Rich Man Poor Man for a "first time" peek. We hope to see you again, guys! 

Visited January 2014

Eleanor Rigby

"Ellie", as she is most often called by her favorite humans, is a Catahoula Leopard Hound! So the story goes, she was traded for a pizza. Really! The owner of the puppy wanted a pizza, but didn't have the cash at that moment. The people who had just purchased the pizza were so taken with the puppy... that the trade was made. A win-win for everyone. Especially Ellie who stopped by on New Years Day to say "Hi" to us! 

Visited January 2014

Joey Cupcake

This Chihuahua/Terrier's story is amazing! First, he was rescued from under a busy bridge by the Humane Society in San Francisco where he had been living homeless. Next, he was rescued from the Humane Society by his current humans who saw his full potential as a Therapy Dog! Today, Joey mingles with children fighting cancer at UCSF's Children's Hospital in S.F. as he teaches them how to treat pets and gives them some moments of comfort and enjoyment. Joey, we salute you and your humans, and thank you for being our first pet visitor of 2014!

Visited January 2014